How to Outsell on Amazon Using Shopify

How to Outsell on Amazon Using Shopify

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Shopify with Amazon

The new Shopify integration with Amazon makes it so much easier to include your products on the world’s largest online marketplace and get next-level brand visibility. Thankfully, you can forget about trying to reach customers by email about your commerce or ecommerce. This app saves your free time while improving your marketing and work. While your online store showcases your brand and offers the most control over customer experience, expanding the ways you sell with Shopify allows you to do even more. For the right businesses, selling on Amazon can increase sales by reaching new shoppers who are not familiar with your company. Shopify’s Amazon sales channel allow you:

  • Firstly, create new Amazon listings in Fashion, Apparel and Accessories directly from Shopify
  • Then, for products that exist on Amazon, create offers directly from Shopify in any category
  • Then, sync product details, variants and images to your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Link Shopify products with your existing Amazon listings for any category
  • Consequently, set unique price and reserve inventory just for Amazon listings
  • Fortunately, easily reconcile revenue from Amazon sales using Shopify reports
  • Sync inventory tracked by Shopify with Amazon listing
  • Finally, fulfill Amazon orders directly from Shopify

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Simon Weiner Author of Supercharge Your Business
Simon Weiner, Author of Supercharge Your Business