Instagram Carousel

Instragram Carousel

What social media platforms do you depend on and why? With Facebook, you’re probably able to share links to content that help readers realize how much you have to offer. With Twitter, you might share instant news or insights as well as retweets that are of interest to some of your clients. And with Instagram? Well, Instagram is where beauty resides—beautiful images, beautiful products, beautiful places. But to create cohesive content that built up stories, well for that Instagram wasn’t very useful thanks to its single-image posting limitation.But all that has changed with Instagram Carousel and the opportunity to post multiple photos or videos (up to 10 at one time) to captivate your Audience.

Instagram Carousel Graphic

Instagram has revamped its options to create the potential to post up to 10 images or videos at once. Think about it like you might think about the unboxing craze: You can show something start to finish—maybe it’s assembling a product, maybe it’s an event, maybe it’s a how-to. And you can do it all in a visually appealing way, too.    

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Instagram Carousel

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the instagram carousel feature lets you share multiple memories in a single post

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