Holy Cow

Wow — Holy Cow!

Did you catch the 4X Formula Webinar this afternoon? Holy Cow!

If you did, you were one of just 500 who got to see the presentation…

If you didn't, you weren't alone.

Click Here to Watch Replay Now>>>>

They ended up having 3,756 people register but who couldn't get on because the webinar was totally full.

That's right, a total of 3,756 registered and only 500 got on — and it stayed full for the entire 90 minutes! (My buddies said it was freaking awesome!)

The good news is that if you missed it, you can watch it now.

The SamCart guys debated on whether or not to run it again — and lucky you they are — but they're ONLY keeping it up until Sunday at midnight.

So you've still got a chance to watch and learn a bunch of things that are going have a HUGE impact on your bottom line.

FIRST– you're going to find out how you can get SamCart 100% FREE for the next 12 months.

Yeah, that's right. You can get the tool that's at the heart of the 4X Formula — a $2,388 retail value —absolutely free of charge for a full year.

How cool would it be to 4X your sales for a whole year with SamCart and pay no monthly fees?

SECOND, you'll learn how to create 1 page that convinces every single customer to spend twice as much money with you… (You can put it together in less than 3 minutes. You've got to see this to believe it..)

THIRD — They'll show you 10 proven ways to DOUBLE the conversion of your checkout page so you stop losing your customers.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST — You'll get a behind-the-scenes look into my own checkout process that makes SamCart $183,274 per month.

Sound like the replay would be worth watching?

Then stop what you're doing right now…click play…and watch it.

Don't wait and forget about it — because it's not going to be up for long.

And when it's gone, the replay — and the SamCart FREE for 12 Months offer — will be gone for good.

So don't miss out. Go watch now.

They make a CRAZY SPECIAL offer at the 70:02 mark…and only the first 50 people who want it, get it. Last time I talked to Brian he said they only have about 7 left. So Click Here to Watch Replay Now >>>> so you don't miss out.

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