Free WordPress Training

Free WordPress Training

These 30 Free WordPress Training Videos will show you the necessary steps to create your own Website in WordPress. To view each Video, please Click on the Title. Enjoy.

Video 1                Why Choose WordPress ?        

Video 2                WordPress and Websites Explained

Video 3                Choosing a Domain Name

Video 4                Finding a Domain Name Part 1

Video 5                Finding a Domain Name Part 2

Video 6                Finding a Domain Name Part 3

Video 7                Finding a Domain Name Part 4

Video 8                How to Buy a Domain Name

Video 9                Choosing a Webhost

Video 10              Introduction to Siteground

Video 11              Buying Siteground Webhosting

Video 12              Connecting Domain to Webhosting

Video 13              Installing your FREE SSL Certificate

Video 14              Installing WordPress

Video 15              SG Optimiser Cache

Video 16              SH Optimiser https

Video 17              Connecting Jetpack

Video 18              Activating Askimet

Video 19              Top to Bottom Cleanup

Video 20              Installing All in One SEO

Video 21              Installing Wordfence Security

Video 22              Installing tinymce Advanced

Video 23              Installing contact form

Video 24              Finding Free Themes

Video 25              Finding Free Plugins

Video 26              Installing Pretty Link

Video 27              Creating a New Post

Video 28              Creating a New Page

Video 29              Setting the Front Page

Video 30              Final Wrap-Up

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