How does Chatty Chimp Improve Customer Love?

How does Chatty Chimp Improve Customer Love?

“We're Already Witnessing the ‘BOT' Revolution,Today You Can Choose To Become Part Of It…Or Ignore It and Rish Getting Passed by!..”

‘ChitChatChimp' is a new chatbot building platform with lots of cool marketing focused features. A major benefit (and where most bot builders fall down) is that you can build a great looking bot in just minutes. Consequently, there's zero reliance on 3rd party messenger apps or complex platform integrations. Thankfully, it's perfect for customers, as the chat service answers all their questions about your business. Additionally, the robot saves time for you and your team, and so you can focus on improving your products and web page. 

Bots built with ChitChatChimp work on any kind of website and there's zero coding or programming!

You can create helpful customer support bots, smart sales bots, feedback gathering bots, educational/ training bots. Or, you can just create fun and engaging characters to entertain your site visitors and keep them coming back for more.

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